Online Indoor Cricket Database


The Online Indoor Cricket Database (OICD) is a server side application which stores information regarding indoor cricket matches for a given team. It will store records of individual games, individual players, and payment information. This information and statistics regarding this information will be provided by the server side application. The ability to update and modify the online database will be confined to an administrator who will have to log on to the administrator’s view of the system.

Current Project Team Members

  1. Ben Quek
  2. Brinley Ang


This server side application was first built by the PC307F group as an assignment for the unit Professional Computing 307 in 2004. The unit was part of the Computer Science course in the University of Western Australia.

  • The Requirement Analysis Document for the project can be found at:
         Word Document
         HTML (Best viewed using Internet Explorer)

  • The ERD diagram (Microsoft Word Document) for the relational database can be found at:
         Word Document

  • Present

    The project is added to SourceForge to further improve the application and to include remaining functionalities which was incompleted as a consequence of resource and skill constraints.

  • A testing version of the application can be found at:

  • The SF project page can be found at:

  • Page updated on Sunday, May 01, 2005